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 Meet the Judges

We would like to introduce our Region's own judges to you. They have gone through a thorough training to become a judge and need to kbno about all the breeds recognised by TICA.

Phillipa Holmes 

Current judging status: Approved Allbreed, Licensed Ring and School Instructor 

When did you qualify as a TICA judge: May 2009

Breeds you have owned and shown: Maine Coons - of course! Birmans, Norwegians, Siberians, Oriental SH and LH, Siamese, American Curl LH, British SH & Scottish Fold LH. 

Favourite place visited when judging: That’s hard. I’ve judged in places I never thought I’d get to do. Had opportunities only some can dream of
Vienna - home of the Manner biscuit.
St Petersburg, Russia in general as love the food.
Atlanta, Tampa - anywhere with that amazing Southern hospitality and they call me Miss Phillipa!
China, just back from Xian and my brain is still absorbing all that amazing history.
Australia- Brisbane especially Erin Brown's house. Good friend made and a great cook met. 
However I enjoy most places I go. Clubs generally work hard to make the experience a pleasant one. 
Sometimes it not a place that makes the weekend. It’s the people you are with and the cats that you see! 
I keep telling myself I’m going to cut down and then an invitation comes along to a place I’ve never been or to a place I have enjoyed and I find myself saying, yes! 

Favourite food: Borscht and the potato salad you get in Austria, and that caramelised sweet potato in China 
Favourite cat colour: Reds and Torties
Have you ever judged any other animals: No 

Hidden talent: Used to be fab at extracting teeth 

Funniest/strangest moment when judging:
Judging a rather large fat pug at my first show. 
There are always fun moments. There should always be lots of laughter and fun. 

Any last words: TICA is all about the cats, the fun, and the friendships we make. We are a family. A modern family. So we are a little odd. We argue and bicker, but we are still together. I like TICA. It’s comfortable and it is home.

Jane Allen

Current judging status: Licensed ring and school instructor

When did you qualify as a TICA judge: First entered the programme in 2011

Breeds you have owned and shown: In TICA Persians and exotics, in GCCF I have also shown and own an oriental shorthair

Favourite place visited when judging: I have loved almost everywhere I have been but Australia, New Zealand and Canada (Calgary) stand out for me

Favourite food: Everything that is bad for me!!

Favourite cat colour: I honestly don’t have one and even if I did would definitely not let it influence me when judging

Have you ever judged any other animals: Yes, horses

Hidden talent: Frustrated flower arranger!!

Funniest/strangest moment when judging: When I arrived to find my judges table was a bale of straw!!

Delsa Rudge

Current judging status: Approved All Breed

When did you qualify as a TICA judge: January 2014

Breeds you have owned and shown: Owned & shown - Norwegian Forest cats, Bengal (alternate breed), Maine Coons & HHP's

Favourite place visited when judging: Maine, USA - the lobster is amazing!

Favourite food: Mexican & Italian

Favourite cat colour: Black & White (Tuxedo)

Have you ever judged any other animals: No

Hidden talent: Advanced Scuba Diver

Funniest/strangest moment when judging: There have been a few strange moments - worst moment (showing not judging) was my boy JJ peeing all over me when I was putting him into a ring in Belgium - still he made Supreme/RW & helped me get into the judging programme so I forgave him

Anything else you wish to add - When I was a kid, all I wanted to do was work with animals in some way. I've had to wait a while, but I love what I do as it gives me chance to handle some gorgeous cats that I would otherwise not be able to. I just feel so lucky to be able to do what I do.

Nicki Fenwick-Raven

Current judging status: Approved Speciality
When did you qualify as a TICA judge: 2015
Breeds you have owned and shown: Turkish Van, Birman, Kurilian Bobtails and Siberians. I do love a longhair!
However I showed an Oriental Shorthair as my opposite breed which was great fun.
I’ve also agented many breeds including Maine Coon, Balinese, Siamese, Ragdoll and Bengal. I would always recommend agenting, it teaches you so much about other breeds.

Favourite place visited when judging: All are special since it is always an honour to be asked to judge anyway, I’m very keen on architecture so I love a place with a bit of history and I love to visit places of interest whilst I’m away. My vote must go to Japan, my favourite country in the World, I love the land of the rising sun.

Favourite food: Ermmmm, this is a hard one......... CHOCOLATE CAKE!
Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Chinese and Sushi.

Favourite cat colour: Love a Tortie but there is something special about a good silver. Black and White or White and Black always enchant, a good Blue is always nice, brown tabby and white is smart and flashy, in fact, ALL OF THEM!
Have you ever judged any other animals: Yes, I used to have horses and was once a show jumper. I progressed to judging BSJA show jumping when I gave up riding and also judged Ridden and Working Hunters.
Hidden talent: Not sure I have any particular talents but I have a parachute license and up until recently an HGV Class 1 License. I used to grow and show Plants at National level. If you google my name you will find a Fuchsia plant that the RHS named after me!

Funniest/strangest moment when judging: Hahaha, memories of judging in Denmark when a particularly nice Abyssinian decided to leap off my table and do 4 laps of the show hall! On the Sunday I made a mental note to keep a hold of him but he got away again and ran off! Very embarrassing! Thankfully the owners were very kind to me.

Sue Hart-Jones

We are currently waiting for a photograph and text for this judge.

We also have two new trainee judges who we hope to update with their picture and text in due course.

Maria Bunina
Vicki Moran





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